Products Demand

Analyze and maintain your site. You site is your money-making engine. The more people visit your site, the more money you can make. So, you need to have a site that sells.

On the landing page, you should also try to capture their name and email address and get them to opt into your mailing list. You can do this with a free offer of more information, special reports, free software and so on. You need this list so that you can later make attractive offers, cross sell or up sell.

By using specially designed software tools, you will be able to unearth those hard-to-finds that have managed to elude the masses. By following the simple instruction e-book and videos MNF will show you how you can have these niches all to yourself.

Traffic for traffic’s sake is not always good. OK you are getting five thousand hits per day and not converting or selling anything. Your conversion rate is less than one percent and dropping. You are wasting a tremendous resource.

Marketing is to create demand for your product through advertising. To let your potential customers, know about your product and where to get it. To show the values of your product over your competitors.